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Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor

Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FAB), the space and power saving technology is a better alternative to conventional wastewater treatment plants that are large-sized, power intensive and require a lot of monitoring.

FAB offers an effective option to the conventional systems made unviable due to scarcity of open space, geographical network of piping, high power and land cost.
  • Odourless operations, with a self-regulating system
  • High bio-film surface area, compact plants with high loading rates
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Simple to operate, low maintenance requirements
  • Non-clogging design, better oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Attached growth process, low sludge production, no sludge recycling or monitoring of M.L.S.S.
  • Removes E-coli (coli form)
  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • SEZ
  • Residential colonies
Attached growth processNo sludge recycle, low sludge productionNon clogging design
High bio-film surface areaHigh loading ratesReduces coliform
Fluidized bedNon clogging design, reduces coliform, low maintenanceLow maintenance
Options Available
  • Capacity -15 m3/day and above
  • Prefabricated units
  • Civil units
  • Lo flo units
  • Basement installations
  • Fully automated units
  • Recycling for gardening, flushing, car wash and cooling towers
  • Sludge handling - filter press, centrifuge, sludge drying bed and sludge holding tank