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Steam Line Mountings

Disc Check Valve

To permit flow of fluids in the pipeline in one direction only & to prevent its flow in the reverse direction.

Product Features
  • Compact design
  • Fast installation
  • Soft seat like EPDM available
  • High flow area low pressure drop

Y-Type Strainer

It is used to remove suspended particles from steam/condensate lines.

Product Features
  • Body-ASTM A 351-CF8M investment casting
  • Corrosion resistant and long life due to all SS parts
  • Suitable for high pressure rating #800
  • High flow area, low pressure drop
  • Easy for daily maintenance with removable screen

Moisture Separator 

To remove suspended water particles from steam line and supply dry steam to equipment increasing their operational efficiency.

Product Features
  • High efficiency removes up to 95% of moisture particles
  • Dry steam increases process equipment efficiency

Air & Gas Eliminator

To remove air/gas from Liquid Lines.

Product Features
  • Efficient air removal improves performance of liquid pumping systems by prevention of cavitation
  • Removal of air and non condensable gases from system avoid corrosion, noise and ensures proper priming of pumps
  • Better resistance to water hammer
  • Useful in water/Steam Condensate Lines
  • High Capacity Air/Gas Eliminator for TAE-25

Liquid Drainer   

To remove water from compressed air lines.

Product Features
  • Better resistance to water hammer
  • Prevents expensive plant equipment from corrosion
  • Ideally recommended on compressed air receivers and distribution piping

Vacuum Breaker   

To Prevent creation of vacuum in piping or equipment.

Product Features
  • Brass body with SS internals for TVB-16
  • SS body with SS internals for TVB-25
  • Corrosion resistant, longer life for TVB-25
  • Compact design
  • Used on condensing vapor (steam)
  • Used on atmospheric daearator/Boiler feed water tanks