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Spent-Wash Fired Boiler

Distilleries across the world are increasingly coming under pressure from government and society for the polluting effluents (spent wash/spent grain) from their core process. ‘Zero effluent discharge’ (ZED) norm for distilleries is already in place in a number of countries including India. Since existing disposal methods – biomethanisation and biocomposting – are unable to meet the ZED norms, distilleries are increasingly looking to an alternative solution of concentrating the spent wash/spent grain and then firing it in a specially designed boiler.
This fundamental shift in practice in the distillery sector has been facilitated by Thermax’s successful efforts to develop a commercial-scale boiler technology for firing spent wash/spent grain. The twin benefits of the boiler include:
(1) ability to dispose effluent discharge of distilleries in a safe and environmentally sound way (by meeting ZED norm) and
(2) steam generation for meeting the process steam and electricity requirements of distillery.
The first spent-wash fired boiler supplied by Thermax is undergoing commissioning trials at a distillery in Southern India, while four other units are under execution.
Product Features
  • Effective on-line cleaning system
  • Specially designed spent wash handling system
  • Adequate residence time to ensure complete combustion; system designed for maximum heat recovery
Operating Range
  • Capacity : 30 TPD to 5,000 TPD hydrogen production
Major Clients
  • Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.
  • Sovereign Distilleries Ltd.
  • EID Parry India Ltd.
  • Mohan Breweries Distilleries Ltd.