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Fired Heater in Chemical & Petrochemical Plant

Chemical & Petrochemical Plant
For heating process fluids and for thermal cracking in chemical and petrochemical sectors. These fired heaters are generally designed to American Petroleum Institute (API) codes like API-560, API-530, etc.

The units are built in modularised form to suit delivery requirements. The range of fired heaters offered by Thermax can suit a variety of process requirements and plant layouts. Depending on the application, the choice can be between ‘vertical cylindrical’ and ‘box-type furnace’ designs.

  • Liquid phase heater: mineral oil/synthetic oil heater and molten salt heater
  • Process industry heater: steam superheater, charge heater, start-up heater
  • Vapour phase heater: mineral oil/synthetic oil vaporiser and hydrocarbon vaporiser
  • Cracker: Ethylene di-chloride cracker, acetic acid cracker and gas cracker
Operating Range
  • Capacities: Up to 70 MMKCAL/HR (single unit)
Major Clients
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.
  • Shell
  • Finolex Industries Ltd.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.
  • UHDE GmbH
  • Qatar Petroleum
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd.
Ethylene Di-Chloride (EDC) Cracker

Thermax offers single-drum and bi-drum type BFG/lean gas fired boilers for the steel industry. Both packaged as well as site-erected options are available. The burners for these boilers are manufactured indigenously based on proprietary Babcock & Wilcox design, ensuring perfect match and integration with furnace geometry. A notable benefit of Thermax's proven and field-tested design, evident at more than two dozen operating installations, is high reliability in spite of the peculiar characteristics of the gas - slow-burning nature, low calorific value and low combustibles.

Product Features
  • Can be designed with 'Radiant' wall burners for liquid or gaseous fuel firing
  • Efficiency can be further enhanced with a forced circulation waste heat boiler mounted atop the convective section
  • Multi-tier configuration of burners
  • Extended surface coils in convective section and HK-40 bends in radiant section; coil metallurgy can be SS347H and incoloy
Operating Range
  • Capacities: Upto 70 MMKCAL/HR (Single Unit)
Major Clients
  • Finolex Industries Ltd.