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Salient Features

Machine Features
  • Zero 0oC chilling - Thermax machines can achieve temperature down to 0o C, an unique feature of this technology, can now be utilized in various new applications, which requires cooling of or around 0oC.
  • Zero crystallistion design - Online concentration measurement and control ensure that the machine doesn't crystalise in adverse operating conditions.
  • Online concentration measurements & controls - Thermax machines are provided with special concentration measurement and control system for enhanced reliability.
  • Widest tube metallurgy - Thermax machine tube metallurgy is customised on basis of water quality to prevent corrosion of tubes.
  • Single exhaust driven machine on multiple engines - Single machine can be offered on two or more engines.
  • Series flow cycle - Series flow cycle ensures minimization of possiblity of corrosion in the machine.
  • Large temperature difference in chilled water applications
  • Minimum acceptable cooling water temperature - Thermax machines can accept cooling water temperature as low as 10oC.
  • Corrosion inhibitors - Thermax machines use the new generation corrosion inhibitor, Lithium molybdate, which is more effective than conventionally used Lithium nitrate and Lithium chromate. Lithum nitrate can generate Ammonium nitrate which can be harmful to the machine.
  • Isolation valves in pumps for minimum downtime - Isolation valves, provided on the pumps, facilitate machine mounted pump maintenance, without breaking the vacuum. This ensures minimum downtime.
  • 10-100% stepless modulation - For loads ranging from 10-100% of designed capacity, this machine is capable to maintain the uniform temperature of chilled water leaving the machine.
  • Split evaporator design - This special design feature increases the efficiency considerably.
  • Side exit nozzles - The absorber, evaporator and condenser headers are provided with side exit nozzles for ease of maintenance and lower down-time. The absorber and condenser headers are hinged type, for easy access to the tube bundle and eliminate need for heavy lifting arrangements.
  • Gravity feed system - Thermax machines use gravity feed, non-pressurised super-spraying system, for spraying refrigerant and absorbent. This avoids the use of nozzles, which have the problems of clogging and wear & tear.
  • High temperature tubes - Thermax steam driven machines use SS 430 Titanium ferritic stainless steel tubes in high temperature generator, which is highly suited for high temperature environment.
  • Non condensable - Any non-condensable gas generated in the machine during operation, is purged continuously into the storage tank, therby maintaining low vacuum in the shell and ensuring consistent performance.
PLC Controls
  • Improved reliability
  • User friendly operation
  • Elaborate diagnostics
  • Data acquisition and logging with adjustable sampling time
  • Also available as optional supply - modem connectivity, PC connectivity, DCS/BAS/BMS connectivity
  • Antifreeze protection
      - L-cut refrigerant pump
      - Chilled water pump interlock
      - Chilled water flowswitch
      - Chilled water DP switch
  • Crystallisation protection   
        - HT generator temperature cutout
        - Cooling water low temperature cutout
  • Pump cavitation free   
        - Absorbent pump level relay
        - Refrigerant pump level relay
  • Alarm cycle   
        - Dilution cycle alarm
        - Total shutdown alarm
  • Motor protection   
        - Absorbent pump overload relay
        - Refrigerant pump overload relay
        - Purge pump overload relay
Customised Features
  • Online standby canned motor pumps
  • Special material for evaporator/absorber/condenser
  • Multi-sectional shipment arrangement
  • Inverter control
  • Auto purging
Advantages of  Vapor Absorption Technology
  • No CFC    
    - Uses water as refrigerant instead of ozone depleting Chlorofluoroarbons 
  • No noise   
    - No moving parts, therefore no dynamic load
    - No vibration, therefore silent operation
  • Negligible maintenance         
  • Negligible power   
    - Power required for only small pumps
  • Modular design   
    - Compact design, on skid delivery